Robomaze 2 Utilities
updated 4/27/15

Unless otherwise noted, all utilities were created by Cedric Busch ( and require .Net 2.0 to run.
Robomaze 2 is currently available for download from
Robomaze 2 Map Editor
build 4/27/15
Yes, you can finally design your own Robomaze 2 levels with just a few clicks!

Known issues:
  • There is a 5th byte for enemies that appears to change the enemy's HP. The map editor sets it to 35 ("blank").
  • The "moving platforms" start/stop value(4th and 5th byte) get set to screen max/min -- this will be changeable in some future release.
Robomaze 2 Cheat ("Power Mode")
To enable Power Mode, press the following during play--
  • Health: Shift<#H
  • Money: Shift<#M
  • Damage: Shift<#D